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Al Jazeera: Rebrand

Al Jazeera Chidlrens Channel Rebranding JCC television channel- (literally meaning; The Children of Jazeera) required repositioning. It had become too young and was losing market share to competitors. The brief was to create a child centric channel brand for Arabic Children aged 6-11. Its mission: to be loved by children and trusted by parents. Our…
  • 09/05/2013

CPLG: Rebrand

Copyright Promotions Licensing group are the largest independent licensing agent in Europe representing Global Entertainment and Sport Brands. After a couple of workshops at boardroom level, we explored different routes including heritage, the rough guide, sherpas and coffee shops. A combination of clever copy and a logos that communicated the brand values created a whole…
  • 09/07/2013

Guinness: Rebrand

Guinness World Records Positioning & Rebrand. Consumer research revealed high awareness of the brand and an opportunity to rationalise the many different brand communications. The mission was to become more commercially focused and consumer centric. After running workshops with global stakeholders and blending this with a consumer study we repositioned the brand with an enriched…
  • 09/07/2013