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Inspiration through seasonal trends

Preview & Inspire Magazines. We needed to bring together a clear message marketing franchises to the right consumer segments, creating point of difference and inspiring partners at a European Sales Meetings across Europe. I led a team of designers to produce these creative tools to increase sales. Accompanied by mock ups, samples and banners we…
  • 10/07/2010

Product with Character

Product design is sometimes accused of being a ‘label slap’ of graphics onto generic product. The challenge here was to change perceptions of what can be achieved by using the characters to tell as story across the product. I commissioned new character art and a style guide demonstrating how characters help bring product to life…
  • 10/10/2009

Fast Product Development

‘Ready to go’ Product Development creative and operational model. Film properties require speed to market, creative direction for consistency and asset economy to maintain brand integrity. Utilising only core assets, we launched a range of product graphics ready to apply to power SKUs. This sped up development time and gave us maximum consistency at retail.…
  • 09/01/2011