“I believe design can inform &¬†reward consumer choice”


I am a creative director who works with content, brand, commercial and marketing executives to articulate their vision and grow their business by developing and leading their creative teams.

How do I do this? By helping clients combine consumer insight with creative strategy & application.

Client side: I have led European creative teams for Disney, Cartoon Network and Egmont. I have a rich understanding of people and process in many different sectors such as brand strategy, product development, publishing, marketing, promotions and retail dynamics. I’ve bridged the creative strategy of animation, film and TV studios in Burbank to the complex landscape of Emerging and Western Europe and beyond.

Agency side: I have transformed boardroom strategy into brand, marketing and product success by articulating creative vision and execution across multiple platforms. My creative and immersive approach has kept brands like Guinness World Records, Al Jazeera Children’s channel fresh, relevant yet consistent with their DNA and positioning.

You can contact me by email: domgregory@mac.com

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