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Al Jazeera: Rebrand

Al Jazeera Chidlrens Channel Rebranding

JCC television channel- (literally meaning; The Children of Jazeera) required repositioning. It had become too young and was losing market share to competitors. The brief was to create a child centric channel brand for Arabic Children aged 6-11. Its mission: to be loved by children and trusted by parents. Our time frame was just 6 months.

The key to the creative solution was to put children at the heart of the channel. We wanted them interacting, imagining and controlling the outcome, whatever the platform.
We wanted a much shorter Arabic name for the channel and a more confident, modern and contemporary, creative feel to the channel that reflected their needs and the modern Arabic developing world. The new brand needed to celebrate the traditional aspects of Arabic culture, giving them a modern, relevant context where appropriate.

JeemTV was developed and implemented over the 6 month creative period. I led the re-naming and logo direction working with Atrissi design – Jeem (derived from the Arabic the letter J) was decided as its sound, shape and eventual logo design could be interpreted to resonate with the target audience in a very creative way. Its distinctly Arabic, modern and memorable. The diacitic dot in the centre of the logo is at the heart of the children activating the brand.

To bring the logo and brand to life, we worked Arabic children and Jump Design London to have children activate, then control and resolve the channel identity. Children are also featured as part of the off air branding; holding, presenting, interacting via the orange dot featured in the logo. Their hands swipe the screens and user interfaces controlling and selecting the content they see around them.

For the launch campaign I envisaged the on air and web teaser elements that saw the children’s hands activating the dot and discovering programming content. I also worked with the set and sound designers to help articulate the brand across the business.

As creative director across the whole ‘360 degree’ rebrand; I wrote and oversaw implementation of the creative strategy including the new channel name, logo design, idents, navigation and brand style guide. I brought together a talented team of individuals and agencies in Doha, Europe and London including the motion graphics agency, the digital team and the creative team responsible for all elements supporting marketing and launch.

Client / Al Jazeera Childrens Channels
Agency / Kids Industries
Creative Director / Dominic Gregory
Art Direction / Robin Whyler
Senior Design / Warren Sherwin
Design /Kate Randall / Rachel Millard / Adam Colp / Grace Wong /

Typeface Design / Tarek Atrissi
Digital DIrector / John Kent
Digital Design / Aidan O’Brien / Jo Pearce / Huw Gwilliam
Motion Graphics / Jump Design
Omnipresent / Gary Pope