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Pitching & Presenting

I’ll admit it, I’ve stood up and inadvertently suggested a children’s channel called ‘my Carrots’ (instead of ‘My Island’). Working across different languages and cultures is often challenging, so first building relationships and understanding comes before creative work can succeed. Vegetables aside, presenting great work should be easy. But sometimes the technology just doesn’t work,…
  • 10/10/2010

Growth & Mentoring

I have led teams through restructuring, delivered career ladders, succession and growth plans. I have also had the privilege of coaching individuals through change, contributing to cross divisional leadership teams and led cultural change initiatives. The notebook entitled ‘is…’ curated all the unseen doodles, drawings and sketches from the talented character art team at Disney.…
  • 16/07/2012

Creative Direction

I ran a workshop for Kids Industries with the senior management from Guinness World Records and identified the tension between being an authority and the consumer need to be continually surprised and entertained. Here’s two examples of how we explored strategy, territories, blocks, then captured and delivered a new brand position and shaped the creative…
  • 05/03/2011