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Pitching & Presenting

I’ll admit it, I’ve stood up and inadvertently suggested a children’s channel called ‘my Carrots’ (instead of ‘My Island’). Working across different languages and cultures is often challenging, so first building relationships and understanding comes before creative work can succeed.

Vegetables aside, presenting great work should be easy. But sometimes the technology just doesn’t work, so I’ve had to simply describe, mime, act out or even draw on flip charts. It didn’t matter how, so long as the message remained clear. I have commissioned (or exec produced) reels and sizzles to compliment a presentation, organised guest speakers and run interactive workshops and brainstorming sessions.

From Boardrooms to Corporate events and trade shows my style is informal and immersive and often without a powerpoint.

Featured pitch materials:

Pitch book for Al Jazeera rebrand strategy and identity. ©Kids Industries.

The Disney pitch board – best in Class partners. © Disney

Preview magazine – a centrepiece for trade show presentation at Disney World Paris. © Disney