“Dominic is a truly professional creative. He understands commercial applications of creative work and he understands the importance of team effort in the creation of creative excellence. But perhaps his most valuable strength is his continual development of self knowledge and how he can apply those insights into his life and work.”

Anthony BettsOwner, Maiken Research Limited

“You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. Clients.
Some of them are just brilliant. They push you in the right way, they challenge and collaborate and make you offer a better and more thorough service because they inspire you to really want them to get where they want to get. Dominic’s like that. And he’s a really, really, very good creative to boot.”

Gary PopeDirector, Kids Industries

Responsive, professional and creative Dominic managed the project and us as an external resource to ensure that we delivered on time, on budget and with fantastic results. A great communicator and a very personable manner compliments the creative and project management skills. The highest recommendation I can give is that I hope we get the chance to work together soon!

Dave CollinsMD at Rizon Studios

“Dominic has a rare talent that I haven’t come across in many other people.
He has the ability to project himself and think like the audience he’s working for. In a world where everybody makes rational calculated business decisions and rely on cold hard facts, he has the ability to see through everything and understand what customers ACTUALLY want.”

Mark FlandersManaging Director, Publishing Team Ltd

“Dom is a highly creative, dynamic and professional guy. Working with him on a series of brand projects, it’s clear he has a clear idea of what is required for the market and audience. That skill comes from his wealth of knowledge and experience, and an obvious passion for his work. A pleasure to work with.”

Tom ReadGraphic Design and Illustration