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JeemTV: Knowledge File

A signature piece of work to capture all the insights and learnings around the rebranding of Al Jazeera Children’s channel to JeemTV.

This 220 page 297 x297mm book was designed for the Queen of Qatar and key members of the Qatar foundation to highlight the child centric transformation of their children’s channel.

A luxury item, this was a limited edition book. It featured a slip case and spot varnished cover. The content was designed as a book about children for adults, featuring insights and minimal text, making it a coffee table book and a proud celebration of transformation.

The vertical typography is based on the idea of files and books on a shelf and the colour scheme is based on the orange dot within the teal channel branding so as the book is pulled from the slipcase, the knowledge is being activated.

Agency / kidsIndustries
Client / Al Jazeera Children’s Channels / Qatar Foundation
Creative Direction / Dominic Gregory
Interior page design / Stewart Lucking
Cover Design / Dominic Gregory
Print / Pureprint Group