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Quality & Product Satisfaction

Quality, Value, Design and Branding all influence a customers decision to purchase a product. When developing or approving products at Disney, the question my team asked was “Is this product going to give the consumer a consistent experience of the brand?”

It was agreed we were inconsistent with feedback and hadn’t set our own benchmarks before communicating them across Europe to our partners.

By analysing consumer data and insights we produced a toolkit to communicate more consistent feedback to partners. By setting minimum standards for product performance, we benchmarked quality, performance, value for money and design aesthetics.

This led to better understanding internally of what drives purchase and externally to drive better quality products even at low price points. it also brought a healthy dynamic to our virtual European team together to agree standards and understand manufacturing and price implications on a local level.

Produced while Creative & Product development Director at The Walt Disney Company with a team of 12 European product developers and designers.